Liebster Award 2017+

Liebster Award 2017+

I humbly accept the Liebster Award 2017! I want to thank Ashley Baines of Live Whilst You’re Alive for nominating me! Please check out her beautiful blog for all things travel and London life. This 5 month journey into blogging has been a lot of work, but so much fun. I absolutely love to travel and inform people of great places to see, stay and eat.

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is an internet award given to bloggers by bloggers in recognition for their potential to grow successfully into the blogging community. It originated in Germany in 2011 and literally translates into sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Liebster Award.


1. I am active at our church and am not ashamed to say Jesus is #1 to me above ALL else.

2. I love anything that has to do with Hawaii and Disney.

3. I was held by John Wayne when I was a baby in the Los Angeles, CA airport.

4. I speak fluent Spanish as well as English. My family is from Costa Rica.

5. I have personally met many stars. Some of those include The Walking Dead cast, Gotham TV series cast, “Cisco” Carlos Valdez from The Flash TV series, “Daniel LaRusso” Ralph Macchio from the original Karate Kid, and the legendary Stan Lee.

6. My family & I are huge movie buffs.

7. I love to digitally scrapbook.

8. I absolutely love dark Hershey Kisses with almonds.

9. I am terrible at Jeopardy. A casting call for the game was came to my hometown and I did so bad that they gave me a hat that said “Get a clue” with their logo. Let’s just say that I don’t have that hat anymore. My game is Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud.

10. I love the TV show This is Us.


1. What is one place you haven’t been that is on the top of your bucket list?

The one place that keeps coming back to me in my head is visiting Bora Bora the island in French Polynesia. I am a tropical weather girl and this place looks absolutely gorgeous. I would also like to visit one country in South America as I would like to check off a continent.

2. What is the most daring experience you’ve ever had? (For example: sky diving)

Snorkeling. I know for some this is not daring, but it was for me. I was on our honeymoon 21+ years ago at the Bahamas and I was too chicken. There is something about not being able touch the floor that freaks me out, especially if I can’t see it. My husband and I were at the Big Island of Hawaii and I finally tried it…twice! It was terrifying at first, but I enjoyed it after all.

3. What is your biggest accomplishment?

I’m not quite done yet, but my biggest accomplishment is raising our 2 boys alongside my wonderful husband. Being a parent is hard work. You have your good days and your bad days. However, it’s all worth it to see them growing up to be fine young men.

4. What’s your biggest fear?

I have two big ones. 1. Not seeing your family following God’s will. 2. Losing a loved one.

5. What’s a hidden talent you have?

I am a good singer (so I’ve been told). I’ve been singing since High School in musicals and, what they used to call when I was in High School, the Thespian Club. I have sung at our church choir, where I work, auditioned for Christian TV once, and I made it to my city’s version of American Idol top 10.

6. What’s an activity, craft or sport that you want to learn how to do?

I wouldn’t mind relearning how to play the flute. Playing the flute was fun during my middle school years and I remember loving it. I also would love for someone to teach me one-on-one how to play the ukulele. We have one from Hawaii, but it just a display.

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+I am a Blogger Recognition Award recipient as well from my fellow blogger: Traveling With Kidz

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